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Urban Acupuncture - Khayelitsha (Panel 2)

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‘The Needle and the (W)Hole.’

Location: Khayelitsha Cape Town (2007)
Design Consultants (phase two): City Think Space, ACG Architects and Development Planners
Clients: City of Cape Town and Khayelitsha community Trust

The absence of any coherent and applicable urban design framework for the location of the buildings and its subsequent phases created the need to develop a self imposed conceptual urban design framework which would anchor the Architecture into a new public logic. Arising out of this commission, Makeka Design Lab was subsequently appointed by KCT to lead an interdisciplinary team to create an urban design framework which further addressed the imperatives of positive densification, alongside a mixed use urban identity with a renewed emphasis towards jobs creation, housing provision and an advanced understanding of sustainable human settlement.

The work identifies opportunities for sensitive infill, the exhibition reflects a participatory argument for presenting a vision for a community to aspire to. However patterns of institutional dysfunctional continue to constrain the process of becoming.

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